Our technicians are highly skilled in repairing Glass/LCD. If your cell phone screen is broken or cracked or shattered, working or not, we can fix it for you.

If you dropped your phone, threw it, sat on it, left it on the stove, your children broke it or it fell on the ground or fell off the roof of your car or got smashed or run over by the car, just cheer up and give us a call or walk in for glass replacement or repair on screens as our expert team of technicians can fix your phone with low repair costs.


If your phone fell in the toilet or you dropped it in the tub or you might have forgotten to take it out of the jeans pocket and put it through the wash cycle, there is no need for you to panic as most water damages are repairable but make sure that you do not turn your phone on or put it on charging as it may make it worst. Do not wait up until your cell phone dies completely and rush it to the expert technicians at your earliest convenience.


We only use high quality batteries for replacement to make battery back-up as good as new. If your phone’s battery drains or dies quickly or you are tired of sudden shutdowns by charging it again and again, we can assist you in changing the battery in your phone. If your phone’s battery is not charging or gets hot when charging, it might need replacement. Please make sure that you do not overcharge your mobile phones as leaving your smartphone charging overnight could damage the battery life.


While using the phone, if the sound is hardly audible and you can’t hear the phone calls due to moisture or dirt stuck in the earpiece hole or the speaker or the earpiece of your phone is not working or there is no or less sound during the phone call or there is disturbance listening to music, our technicians are skilled and well-equipped to repair these kind of damages to the cell-phones at affordable charges.


If your phone is not charging properly despite putting it on charging for hours, it could be a problem in charging port of your phone, dust particles, dirt, rust caused by moisture or water may damage the charging port of your phone. Our technicians can replace the charging port in no time for you.


If the lens of your cell phone’s camera has broken, we recommend that you get it fixed as soon as possible in order to avoid a more serious damage to the camera because dust particles could easily damage your phone’s camera from inside. Our technicians replace the cell phone camera lenses effectively at low costs.


In this selfie world, we understand the importance of taking pictures in today’s life. We all need our handy cell phone cameras to record and keep the memories of the important moments and events of our life. If your camera shows a black screen or a failure warning or if the app has frozen or clicks the blurry images, don’t be upset and bring your phone to our store as our technicians will figure out the problem and will fix it for you quickly.


We understand the importance of menu button and back button in android phones, if you can’t use any of those button, come to our store and we will fix it for you.

Broken Back Cover

If back cover of your phone is broken or damaged, we can replace it for you to make it look brand new.